Baby H {1 Year Old}

1 year portrait session

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GonnaGetWed Bridal Showcase

Fun at the GonnaGetWed Bridal Showcase.


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Emily M | Sioux Falls Park Senior Session

Beautiful high school senior session in Sioux Falls Park.

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Kole & Danaca | Palisades Park Enagagement

Kole & Danaca's engagement session at Palisades Park near Garretson, SD.

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My new favorite fall portrait location!

Beautiful fall portrait session!

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These girls and their horses

I'm still a little in awe of how well these ladies can train their horses to wrap around a barrel or poles so tightly without tipping them over!  Here's the season so far:

Cutest Kid in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa

Custom 15 minute session & option to choose 1 image for Children's contest to win up to a 16x20 Wall Portrait.

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Barrel Races @ Lynch Arena | Southeast South Dakota

Last Year I was given the opportunity to start a new adventure photographing horses in action.

Kris VanderBrink, a massage therapist that works with me at the studio, has a daughter who loves her horse.  She asked if I was interested as she knows I'm always up for a new adventure. So in May of last year, I jumped on the saddle and started photographing the barrel races.  It was also a new adventure for Jared Lynch as this was his opening year of the Arena.

I loved it!  So, I returned this year.  The first night of the barrels was last night.  Here's some pictures from the riders along with the link to view & order them all:

Memories to last a lifetime @ Prom

Some days I wish I could repeat prom...most NOT.  I just wish I could have had fun without being worried about what other people thought of me.  Staying through a portion of the dance was true way to see some kids with TONS of confidence and no care in the world. Then there were the others just like me, practically hiding in the corner. 

It was fun photographing the formal portraits as well ad the grand march and dance afterwards!  Here's a short video to recap the evening.

Stan & Sue | Extended Family Session

beautiful fall session in Rock Rapids, IA

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Straight outta Hills...with your Senior Images

Be ready for something unique with your senior pictures!

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High School Graduation is right around the corner!

Are you freaking out yet?  Graduation is only a couple of months away!  To help plan the day best, make sure you book a location (if not at your house) NOW!  Many venues book already the summer before. Next up is to pick your announcements so everyone you love will be invited! This one should be easy. I've designed numerous template for you to check out and order from.  Remember, the colors of each card can be changed.  Many times, I can also change other simple elements out if you prefer.  This well help you pick a layout and the images you would like to put on the card.  Remember the orientation (vertical or horizontal) of each picture you want and make sure it works with the card you've chosen. ...more on planning your graduation party soon!

The Love of a Horse and his Owner

a Beautiful horse, enjoying his environment.

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2015 Volleyball rides through

2015 Volleyball Season

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The Importance of Portraits

You never know how long you will be here on Earth.  You could live until you are in your 90s or you might only make it to your 50s.  Many of us have little-to-no knowledge of our time here.  

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a large family with 7 children and 8 grandchildren.  They realized the importance when they found out their youngest granddaughter only had a short time to live. They didn't waste any time to make sure they have documented some of their memories with her.   They are lucky enough to know they only have a short time, however, I've photographed people and shortly after doing so, tragedy struck.  Unfortunately, on occasion, we don't get that chance to photograph the memories. 

Do not wait until you feel better, look better, lose weight, etc.  DO IT NOW!  NOW is your chance to make memories with your loved ones. Treasure those moments!  Even if you never hire a professional photographer to capture memories, don't hide from the camera.  Let those memories last forever. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will not worry about how you looked in those photos!  Your time is NOW!

large family portrait