Keeping busy..learning new skills

Each year our church has Vacation Bible School right after Memorial Day.  They always need someone to take pictures for a "spotlight" video.  This video is a summary of their lesson each day with pictures of the kids to help explain what they learned.  I get lucky enough to be asked to do it for VBS every year. (Yes I do love it that much!)  I have a book with instructions on what kind of pictures to take. It will actually say "group of kids reading Bible" or "kids singing".  Sometimes the kids get something a little crazy to do and are excited to do it knowing they'll be in the video at the end of each day. I do my best to capture images of ALL the kids each day (We had 109 this year)  This year's theme was Weird Animals & most of the Bible stories were about someone being "different."

While I take those pictures, I also capture some video and other pictures to get a brief summary of all the fun they had and how VBS actually works. Friends and family enjoy it because they get a glimpse of VBS from the week.  I enjoy it because it helps hone my videography skills as well as video editing a quick manor!  Here's the summary video I did: (I can't put the spotlights on here..haven't figured out how to do that yet)

This video is about Vacation Bible School 2014- Weird Animals - @ the Reformed Church of Steen.