Stan & Sue | Extended Family Session

It had been a while since I had photographed an extended family with 7 kids! Luckily, there we more adults than kids to keep them from getting out of hand.  As a matter of fact, these kids were GREAT! The kids loved walking over to the Rock River in Rock Rapids while I photographed each smaller family. The youngest little girl was actually the toughest.  She was born with major health issues and was on hospice care at the time of the session at 10 weeks old! She just wanted to be held by her mother, like she knew her time here on Earth was short. Even with the grim future outlook, everyone did great knowing this would probably be their only family portraits with her.

This family recognized the need for family portraits.  Some are not so lucky at seeing the future.  Don't wait until you look "perfect" for your family pictures...we will never be perfect in our own eyes anyway. Bless your family with the memories you can create now!