These girls and their horses

I'm still a little in awe of how well these ladies can train their horses to wrap around a barrel or poles so tightly without tipping them over!  Here's the season so far:

Barrel Races @ Lynch Arena | Southeast South Dakota

Last Year I was given the opportunity to start a new adventure photographing horses in action.

Kris VanderBrink, a massage therapist that works with me at the studio, has a daughter who loves her horse.  She asked if I was interested as she knows I'm always up for a new adventure. So in May of last year, I jumped on the saddle and started photographing the barrel races.  It was also a new adventure for Jared Lynch as this was his opening year of the Arena.

I loved it!  So, I returned this year.  The first night of the barrels was last night.  Here's some pictures from the riders along with the link to view & order them all: