The Importance of Portraits

You never know how long you will be here on Earth.  You could live until you are in your 90s or you might only make it to your 50s.  Many of us have little-to-no knowledge of our time here.  

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a large family with 7 children and 8 grandchildren.  They realized the importance when they found out their youngest granddaughter only had a short time to live. They didn't waste any time to make sure they have documented some of their memories with her.   They are lucky enough to know they only have a short time, however, I've photographed people and shortly after doing so, tragedy struck.  Unfortunately, on occasion, we don't get that chance to photograph the memories. 

Do not wait until you feel better, look better, lose weight, etc.  DO IT NOW!  NOW is your chance to make memories with your loved ones. Treasure those moments!  Even if you never hire a professional photographer to capture memories, don't hide from the camera.  Let those memories last forever. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will not worry about how you looked in those photos!  Your time is NOW!

large family portrait

2016 Senior Model Team

The end of the school year is coming upon us.  Kids are finishing up class, spring is finally showing itself, graduations and vacations are being planned.

At the studio, we are also doing some planning.  We are getting ready for our 2016 Seniors.  The models came in and were photographed all in 1 day, which was something new for me! I also went with an Americana theme bringing in a flag & sticking to the patriotic colors.  These girls  from area schools had a blast getting to know each other too. 

Appointments are booking up for the summer, so call now to get your early summer appointment.  This is the best time to get in to avoid the heat,  humidity, as well as other school activities that make your lives so hectic!

2016 Senior Model Girls

These girls will have rep cards available to hand out soon!  Be sure to get one to get a deal on your senior portraits at Valocity Studios!

Check out the images from our Senior Model session that day!