New Adventures...

Barrel Races at Lynch Arena

I love taking photos...of just about anything living. I think it's because of the challenge.  Well, I took on a NEW challenge yesterday, barrel races. I've actually never attended an equestrian event before, not even at the fair.

I do know a LITTLE about horses as our neighbors had them when I lived in Steen, MN as a kid. (yes, IN town) I had the opportunity to ride them on occasion as well as a few times at my grandparents' horses on their farm. However, I still know very little about these magnificent creatures.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to head on over to the brand new Lynch Arena near Grand Falls Casino and photograph the event. My colleague, Kris VanDerBrink, informed me of the event as her daughter races at these events in the area. Apparently she knew I would enjoy it, because I SURE DID! This  was just my first attempt as I will be going back soon. 

Here's the link to view more images from the night: