Mommy, Daughter time - Hills, MN

Mommy, Daughter time - Hills, MN

Mommy & Daughter time; Hills, MN photographer

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Keeping Memories

Two weeks ago, I was involved in the Lyon County Fair in Rock Rapids, IA.  Every year, its HOT!! This year was no different.  On Monday, the heat index was 100˚+. Us vendors weren't as busy that first day, so I had the opportunity to weed out images on my laptop.  Boy, did I have a TON of pictures on there! That's not my work computer either. After those 3 days were up, I had deleted over 9,000 images! YUP you read that right. At the same time I realized I had only printed probably 100 of the images left on the computer.  3+ years of memories and only 100 printed?! What would happen if my computer crashed? Those memories would be lost forever! It made me think of how precious these memories are!

I do have all of my images backed up online (the important ones anyway). I've learned with the purchase of my new computer that backing up to a CD is useless as the computer doesn't even have a disc drive in it anymore. I do back up a few images on a flash drive and put it in my firesafe box as well...but what ever happened to PRINTING images?! Are we the digital age where we ONLY show them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc?  What will our kids and grandkids have to look at after 50+ years.  They won't even know where to begin looking for images of you and your family.

We can't let this digital age help us forget about looking back at those good ole' memories!  You don't have to print ALL of your images (like my 9,000 I deleted) but make sure you have a hard copy of those important ones!