Hills - Beaver Creek Football Season has begun

Hills - Beaver Creek Football Season has begun

Start of H-BC 2015 Football Season.

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Mommy, Daughter time - Hills, MN

Mommy, Daughter time - Hills, MN

Mommy & Daughter time; Hills, MN photographer

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Pipestone, MN Engagement: Aubrey & Rochelle

They met during college..from different towns in South Dakota, and some how ended up together. Rochelle can't be missed with her contagious smile & loving personality.  I see why Aubrey fell in love with her so easily!  These two were incredible to photograph as their  enchanting personalities meshed quite well. Other than me giving them a little direction here and there, they acted like I wasn't even there. Just two lovebirds enjoying the scenery at the Pipestone National Monument.  IT.WAS.AWESOME!   I will just have to keep my patience for when I get to photograph them at their upcoming wedding in October.

New Adventures...

Barrel Races at Lynch Arena

I love taking photos...of just about anything living. I think it's because of the challenge.  Well, I took on a NEW challenge yesterday, barrel races. I've actually never attended an equestrian event before, not even at the fair.

I do know a LITTLE about horses as our neighbors had them when I lived in Steen, MN as a kid. (yes, IN town) I had the opportunity to ride them on occasion as well as a few times at my grandparents' horses on their farm. However, I still know very little about these magnificent creatures.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to head on over to the brand new Lynch Arena near Grand Falls Casino and photograph the event. My colleague, Kris VanDerBrink, informed me of the event as her daughter races at these events in the area. Apparently she knew I would enjoy it, because I SURE DID! This  was just my first attempt as I will be going back soon. 

Here's the link to view more images from the night: http://valocitystudios.shootproof.com/event/1511282

2016 Senior Model Team

The end of the school year is coming upon us.  Kids are finishing up class, spring is finally showing itself, graduations and vacations are being planned.

At the studio, we are also doing some planning.  We are getting ready for our 2016 Seniors.  The models came in and were photographed all in 1 day, which was something new for me! I also went with an Americana theme bringing in a flag & sticking to the patriotic colors.  These girls  from area schools had a blast getting to know each other too. 

Appointments are booking up for the summer, so call now to get your early summer appointment.  This is the best time to get in to avoid the heat,  humidity, as well as other school activities that make your lives so hectic!

2016 Senior Model Girls

These girls will have rep cards available to hand out soon!  Be sure to get one to get a deal on your senior portraits at Valocity Studios!

Check out the images from our Senior Model session that day!

Keeping Memories

Two weeks ago, I was involved in the Lyon County Fair in Rock Rapids, IA.  Every year, its HOT!! This year was no different.  On Monday, the heat index was 100˚+. Us vendors weren't as busy that first day, so I had the opportunity to weed out images on my laptop.  Boy, did I have a TON of pictures on there! That's not my work computer either. After those 3 days were up, I had deleted over 9,000 images! YUP you read that right. At the same time I realized I had only printed probably 100 of the images left on the computer.  3+ years of memories and only 100 printed?! What would happen if my computer crashed? Those memories would be lost forever! It made me think of how precious these memories are!

I do have all of my images backed up online (the important ones anyway). I've learned with the purchase of my new computer that backing up to a CD is useless as the computer doesn't even have a disc drive in it anymore. I do back up a few images on a flash drive and put it in my firesafe box as well...but what ever happened to PRINTING images?! Are we the digital age where we ONLY show them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc?  What will our kids and grandkids have to look at after 50+ years.  They won't even know where to begin looking for images of you and your family.

We can't let this digital age help us forget about looking back at those good ole' memories!  You don't have to print ALL of your images (like my 9,000 I deleted) but make sure you have a hard copy of those important ones!

Small Town Wedding...Captured on Video

I LOVE small town weddings! I love them even more when I'm familiar with the area!  This blissful day was in Lismore...and they finished off in Worthington. I'm pretty sure the bride was a bit apprehensive about the not-so-blissful weather. I checked my weather app that morning, only a 20% chance that day.  Well, it ended up down pouring a couple of times and sprinkles off and on throughout the afternoon.  That didn't stop any of them from enjoying it!  Besides, I've heard a rainy wedding day is a sure thing to a prosperous marriage, right?!  Here's the video from Brandon & Marriah's wedding.

Keeping busy..learning new skills

Each year our church has Vacation Bible School right after Memorial Day.  They always need someone to take pictures for a "spotlight" video.  This video is a summary of their lesson each day with pictures of the kids to help explain what they learned.  I get lucky enough to be asked to do it for VBS every year. (Yes I do love it that much!)  I have a book with instructions on what kind of pictures to take. It will actually say "group of kids reading Bible" or "kids singing".  Sometimes the kids get something a little crazy to do and are excited to do it knowing they'll be in the video at the end of each day. I do my best to capture images of ALL the kids each day (We had 109 this year)  This year's theme was Weird Animals & most of the Bible stories were about someone being "different."

While I take those pictures, I also capture some video and other pictures to get a brief summary of all the fun they had and how VBS actually works. Friends and family enjoy it because they get a glimpse of VBS from the week.  I enjoy it because it helps hone my videography skills as well as video editing abilities...in a quick manor!  Here's the summary video I did: (I can't put the spotlights on here..haven't figured out how to do that yet)

This video is about Vacation Bible School 2014- Weird Animals - @ the Reformed Church of Steen.



Do you have the hardest time finding a father's day present for your husband?  Well, give him the gift of YOU!  That's right... come to the studio for a beauty session. Show off that beautiful body that he married!  You can be as revealing as you want; slightly suggestive with a partially unbuttoned shirt, or nearly nude, which fits your personality the best!

Through our Simply Beauty line at Valocity Studios, you can get a shorter session (still with hair and makeup included) and a couple of options to gift your hubby!  See below for more details.  

These spots are VERY limited, so call today to schedule yours!

Windy day for my 2015 Senior Rep

Since we had no school in the SW MN area yesterday due to the Easter holiday, I figured it would be a great day to photograph another 2015 High School Senior Model!  I didn't realize how windy it was though. My beautiful model, Kyla, had nice, long hair.. It seemed much longer with the wind going 30 mph outside!  We just took a few more pictures indoors in the studio.  I also styled her hair and did her makeup for this session.

Here's a video of some of the images captured yesterday. 

Hair and Makeup completed by Valerie. Images taken at Valocity Studios in Hills, MN.

2015 Senior Model at Valocity Studios

 This year, we are are doing our Senior Model program a little bit different.  All of the girls' clothes are from Lillians of Rock Rapids.  I also do their hair and makeup before the model session. These are 2 stressors they don't have to worry about then.  It's a win-win for both of us as editing the images becomes minimal since their hair & makeup are complete. 

Bryanna, from Luverne, MN, did a great job as it was only 30 degrees out and she was in light clothes!  Find Bryanna and ask her how you can receive a discounted session for your senior portraits at Valocity Studios.


Pet Photography... a new adventure

I recently attended a workshop on pet photography in Sioux Falls, SD.  Unsure of whether I really wanted to do this or whether there was a market for it, I did a little research, but left it be. I am in a small town of Hills.

 Just 5 days later a family comes in with this HUGE dog for their family and children's portraits.  I figured, why not, right?!  It's like this dog was begging me to photograph him!  He was the laziest big dog I've ever seen!  So, while mom was changing the girls' clothes, I captured a few images.  (as well as ones with the family). It was definitely easier and more fun than I expected!


New Website

I have a new website! It's been lots of work, but I'm excited about the ease of accessibility for everyone!