There's a lot to think of when it comes to planning your senior pictures...wardrobe, accessories, what time of year/day to take the pictures, location, what all to do when it comes to ordering.

At Valocity Studios, we do our best to help you get through all of it with ease! We will discuss what you are looking for during your portraits. (Date, length of session, your style, locations, etc).


This is the time to express who you really are! If you love sports, bring your sports gear.  If you are a hunter, bring your gun & camo.  If you are into music, take along your instrument and sheet music, records, or even your ipod.  If you love to dress up, grab your wardrobe including your prom dresses, all those shoes, and accessories to go with.

Bring extras! I will help you decide what will photograph best on you.
Tell me the location you are looking to be photographed. I LOVE doing them at your favorite spot! (like your grandpa’s barn, in the grove, by/in the river, etc.)

If you’d like hair & make-up tips, I’d love to help out there as well.

Text me the images of your outfit ideas to my personal cell # (yes, personal) 507-227-1849  It will help me prepare for your session as well as give you accessory ideas!

Do not wear white, sleeveless, strapless, or logo clothing..or at least limit those choices.  It's ok to be a bit nervous.  Just be ready to have fun because I am FULL of energy!  It will be an exciting event!  Don't want mom or dad there in the shooting space?! If it will help keep you at ease, I can ask them to leave. They will be fine.  They are making an investment and want you to be at your best.

high school senior girl, horse, photography ©Valocity Studios
volleyball senior portrait
courtney prom dress

The Basics - $200

{30 minute session includes $150 order credit}
Indoor or Outside in Hills, MN. 1-2 outfits



Pay for your Session Below

The StandarD- $350

{1 hour session includes $275 order credit}
Indoor and Outside locations. 3-5 outfits

The Ultimate - $600

{2 hour session includes $475 order credit}
Indoor and Outside locations. 5-8 outfits

All print orders need to be made within 90 days from the time your images are ready.  After that, the images are subject to permanent removal from the database.  Be sure to get your print orders in a timely manner!

Your order will be ready approximately 3 weeks after you place it. (Albums and specialty products may take longer.)

A $50 rush fee will be applied to any orders wanting to be received less than 3 weeks of any ordering session.  Graduation announcement orders need to be places by April 15 to ensure delivery before graduation.

Seniors typically spend $500-$2500 on their senior portraits.