Valerie Meinerts

Valerie is the the owner & head of the operation. While managing & doing hair, she is also in charge of the boutique and is a part time photographer.

Her hobbies include chasing the kids around to various sports as well as photographing them. Crafting is another fun to-do in her limited spare time.


Donna Carlson

Donna has been doing hair for over 45 years and experience is her game. When she’s not working, she loves to go camping.


Jessica Boelman

Jessica started her career in the medical field but knew her desires for hair were just too strong. After a few years of working, she changed everything by going to cosmetology school. She’s enjoyed the change ever since & has loved the continued education.


Kris VanDerBrink

If your body is hurting, just look to Kris for help. She’s the best certified massage therapist around. Whether you want a nice, relaxing massage or a good, deep “fix me” massage, she can do it. She’s also had training for cupping and continues to educate for new options on relaxing those muscles.